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Composite Decking Is The New Trend In Custom Decks

custom decks If you are building a new deck or replacing an existing one, now is the perfect time to take a look at the new trends in custom decks. Homeowners looking for long lasting and durable custom decks will find composite decking is the perfect building material. It is a blend of wood, recycled plastic and, sometimes, even cement. Let’s take a look at some benefits of this new material made specifically for building custom decks.

The price of composite decking is about 20percent higher than traditional wood decking. It looks like wood, acts like wood, but it is a lot stronger and more durable than wood. Since custom decks last at least twice as long when they are made with composite materials, the small extra expense is well worth it. In fact, if you measure over time, composite decks don’t require as much treatments, cleaning or repairs as traditional wood decks do, so you will end up spending less money over the long term.

There is little to no maintenance required on custom decks made with composite material. There is no need to sand, stain and seal a composite deck every year like what is needed with traditional wood decks. These treatments are needed to minimize cracking, splintering, and splitting of the wood on a deck. Since these issues don’t occur on composite decking, this type of yearly maintenance is not needed.

Composite decking isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer the look of real wood over wood composite, even with the large number of color choices now available in composite decking. Luckily, people that insist on using real timber have a new option as well. Most lumber companies now only offer arsenic-free treated lumber, which is a wonderful and safe alternative to wooden custom decks in the past.

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