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Special Considerations Needed For Basement Renovations

finished basement While most basements are used for storage or laundry rooms, basement renovations can turn this mostly unused space into a main living area full of comfort and luxury. People choose to renovate their basement and turn it into a family room, an office, a gym, a guest bedroom, a bar or lounge, or a home movie theater. The only true limitation in basement renovations is the size of the space.

Basement renovations are a fantastic way to increase the living space and add great value to a house. While there are many benefits to renovating your basement, it is important to point out that there are also special considerations. Because basements are not designed to be living spaces, special precautions need to be taken in terms of moisture and lighting.

Most basements are completely underground, so moisture is common issue. If there is too much moisture under the house’s foundation, it will cause mildew and mold issues and health problems. Always check for excessive moisture before undergoing basement renovations. To prevent moisture problems, use a waterproof sealer on the concrete, inspect the floors and walls and fill in any cracks, use waterproof paint, and place a moisture barrier underneath the floor of the basement.

Lighting is another issue, although easily fixable. The lack of light in a basement can actually be a good thing if you want to turn the space into home theater. It also isn’t much of a problem for people looking to turn the space into an office or gym, where the peace and quiet is a welcome atmosphere. The best way to overcome the lack of light is to provide several different sources of lighting, including fluorescent lights, recessed lights, track lights, floor lights, and traditional table and floor lamps. Painting the walls a light color and using light colored carpeting will also brighten up the space.

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